A clever yet simple concept was born when Daniel Raffel and Steve Krulewitz founded the product Snapguide. This nifty product was able to ride the maker movement by letting a person document and publish how-to guides using nothing but your iPhone. Previously the daunting task of creating a how-to guide was cut down to minutes. Millions of users and tens of thousands of guides created gives testament to how great the product was conceived and built.

We were able to come in at the start of the project to help spur and shape the design, branding, creative direction and product design for Snapguide. It was an exercise in restraint, teamwork and iteration as we worked with a brilliant team of engineers & ux talent. The resulting product and iterations over a three year period show the success and dedication by all.


Snapguide iPad


Throughout the time we spent at Snapguide, we were able to help design, brand, launch and even re-launch many products. From iPad, to web, to mobile web and the ever-changing iPhone model and requirement landscape, we worked as a team to bring Snapguide to life in each of these properties. 

As hardware progressed and user tastes evolved, our agile team stayed on our feet from iteration to device. We created top-notch products that garnered praise from Apple and the tech community while delighting Snapguide makers around the globe.

Snapguide Web


Special thanks to all the amazing people we worked with during the Snapguide era.