Nike Vision
Running Collection

Nike pushes the limits of design and technology to make the best sports products in the world. The Nike Vision 2016 running collection is no exception. How this eyewear is designed, how it’s manufactured, and ultimately, how it performs is an evolution for the eye. Built worked closely with the team at Nike Vision to conceptualize and execute a global campaign that would tell this innovation story across digital, print and retail.




Creative Direction
Content Development
Web Design & Development
Display Advertising
Print Collateral
Point of Sale


Show & Tell

Saying our eyes have evolved is just the tip of the iceberg in this story.  We wanted to create a web experience that would emphasize how the innovate design benefits the the athlete’s performance. We created a long scrolling landing page for the new collection that used rotating 3D animations to accent these new groundbreaking features.

‘Sketch’ styled illustrations were created to support the ongoing innovation story POV.


A visual center for the campaign was created that could be used across all touch-points including print and retail. 


Photography: Tim Tadder
CG: Bryan Barger, Mike Campau
Development: Neal McKinney