Gasoline Caps

Gasoline Caps

Out of a love for baseball caps, gasoline culture and all things Americana, Gasoline Caps was born. And we are our own clients for this great product.

Founder and Built Co-Founder Edwin Tofslie, was traveling to Montana in 2013 to head into the mountains for some epic fly fishing. As an avid baseball cap wearer, he wanted a Montana-themed hat to sport. On a previous trip to Alaska he picked up a few old license plates and thought, man, that would look great on a hat. After trying to find such a product, nothing was found. Six months later Gasoline Caps was born.


Creating our own product has always been a dream. In today’s product-focused world, having experience in all aspects from marketing, branding, sales, and product development has given us direct view into the clients we also service.

Building a brand and product from the ground up has been a rewarding journey, and hopefully it continues to grow as we bring in more loyal customers and employees to help.

Creating, researching, and designing product alone is a task in itself. So when we were ready to create the logo mark for our brand we reached out to our network of skilled illustrators and paired up with Nathan Yoder. The results of our creative direction and his amazing illustration talents is evident in the work seen here.


Special thanks to the others that have helped make this brand come alive including Zach Vandehey, Jim Waws and Katherine Williams who provieded us with the great cover photograph of pro MLB player Daniel Norris as shot for The Fouled Anchor.