Turning your iPad into a professional graphics tablet has been a dream for designers & illustrations since its birth. Astropad made that happen. We at Built were grateful when Astropad turned to us to aid in launching their two-years-in-the-making product. Since most of the brilliance of the product comes through their custom APIs and under-the-hood wizardry, the UI itself is pretty minimal in the best possible way. That gave us a clean slate with a powerful yet simple UI to build upon, and a killer product to prop up through branding, website design and UI design.

Astropad launched recently to much-deserved fanfare built upon a very well made product, clean UI, a great web presence, and an over all killer branding effort. We are pleased to have the great guys at Astropad onboard as one of our first clients.


UI Design


Visit today and while you are there, try out Astropad product for free.